I think therefore I BLOG!

 First of all, the truth is that I have no idea what blogging was all about. I had asked some people what blogging was, and they had said that blogging was reading some books, then posting on your blog the summary of that book, or what you’ve learned from that book. That was how I started blogging. Afterwards, for me, blogging is expressing yourself about what you have learned from the book. I have learned a great deal about blogging, because blogging makes me feel creative. It is the way I share what I have learned. And also I learned how you can respect other people’s ideas, and copyright. It’s important to research your own facts. Don’t steal other people’s ideas. Respect copyright and provide attribution information properly. One of the best parts of blogging is that you can learn as you go.  Not every post has to be perfect. You can publish your way to success. The important thing is to start. 

And, if you have started, keep going.